Make quick work of dirt, makeup, and excess oil with gentle yet effective cleansers infused with nourishing vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants. Formulated for each and every skin type to deliver a custom cleanse.

How to Determine the Right Milk or Gel Cleanser for Your Skin Type?
If you want to get the most out of your serums, moisturisers and essential oils, it’s important to set your skin up for success. Start by determining your skin type by taking this quiz. Then choose the best product for you:

Milk Cleansers are typically best for dry, mature or reactive skin. Made from lightweight emollients, they are nourishing without leaving a residue. They will leave your skin calm and balanced, guarding against inflammation.

Gel Cleansers are ideal for oily, combo, or acne-prone skin, although the right milk cleanser or cleansing duo can also be effective. A good gel cleanser will gently exfoliate and clarify while refining pores and eliminating excess oil from the face.

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