Bacteria-fighting botanicals and antioxidants team up with professional-grade remedies to gently clear and heal acne without stripping the skin.


The Truth About Acne

It’s time to dispel some common myths concerning acne- what actually causes breakouts, what to avoid to prevent it from getting worse, and how to repair and heal your skin!

MYTH: Acne is caused by bad hygiene

TRUTH: Fluctuating hormones, medications, stress, and genetics are the most common causes. Elevated hormones (androgen) stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce greater amounts of sebum. Many medications can stimulate sebaceous production.

MYTH: Picking and popping acne makes it go away faster.

TRUTH: When you pick an acne lesion, it adds life to it. If left alone they are less likely to turn cystic and leave a scar. In a treatment, the professional prepares your skin to extract properly, leaving less damage behind.

MYTH: You should let acne run its course.

TRUTH: It needs to be treated to control it. Depending on severity, resolution takes time and treatments are going to be unique to the individual. Professional treatments take 6-8 weeks to achieve healthier skin with fewer breakouts. Severe acne is a longer journey.

MYTH: If I have acne, my skin must be oily

TRUTH: Skin of any age or type can have acne. Many acne treatments dehydrate the skin with harsh ingredients which produces more oil which then causes more breakouts.

MYTH: The sun helps my acne.

TRUTH: Sun exposure can make acne worse in some people. It can slow or dry out the active breakout, which then traps the oil, creating more breakout and a vicious cycle. Exposure and medicated creams can also create photosensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

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